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220: Barlev 1st, 4th Williams, HWT; Enriquez 2nd, Ladd 6th Team: 2nd Place Great Job Today #BengalPride

Yikes! How did that happen! We enjoyed the lunch w/entire staff @BryantElem! Hope you have a restful, reflective… https://t.co/t7du7TsudU

What a fun filled day! We had a building challenge, delivered candy canes, drank hot chocolate and @amandafait’s da… https://t.co/wXc1VIvJ1k

What a great lunch w/you @BryantElem! May you have a blessed Christmas and joyous New Year! #bengalpride https://t.co/hL5VbsUBWr

Had a blast watching the Fresh/Soph @PEHS_Wrestling today! Very impressed with the hard work and determination to w… https://t.co/15sY9EPwi6

Way to put on a great event and get another W @PEHS_Wrestling. Congrats seniors on a great night! #BengalPride https://t.co/DOskeXUkus

5th grade Holiday Sock Exchange was a success! #bengalpride https://t.co/GtQmH47PBK

Winning individual titles were; Graff, Stevenson, Croce, and Barlev #BengalPride

Really amazing artwork @BryantElem by the students! Thank you @glittergal_JM Ms.Marker for your dedication to qual… https://t.co/SLrKi4jb16

Parent gifts are wrapped and ready to go! We hope you love them as much as we do! Merry Christmas! See you in 2018… https://t.co/XtCFz3v3To

4th grades Van Gogh inspired sunflowers. Each piece is unique, but all together they create a stunning masterpiece.… https://t.co/Lj48MVr1FA

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So good to see the caring 💕of the teachers,Admin,and staff @BryantElem! ALL of YOU make positive investments in the… https://t.co/4t1YHtLW1F

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